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Fort Kearny State 
Historical Park

Trails & Rails

Spillway "Park"
@ UNK Dam

Trails and Rails Museum - Trailrail has various building and historical items from early day in railroading in Kearney & Buffalo County. Click on Map Icon at right for location of the Kearney's Trail & Rail Museum

Tours guide Scott telling my friend Scott all about the stream engine on the left. Town of Shelton U.P. depot is behind the guide, right of the stream engine.

On left, the museum main building, a Union Pacific depot moved from Shelton, Nebraska (east end of county) has restored waiting room and ticket office. The baggage room has displays on early transportation and around Buffalo County.

Above: The museum "village" from left to right:
1898 "German-Baptist Mission church"
One room School House from District No. 1
Loup River Freighters Hotel

The Building at far tight is the Shelton Union Pacific depot.

left: Steve (me at left) and Scott (tour guide) are behind the altar in the 1898 "German-Baptist Mission church" on the museum ground.

Trails and Rails Museum
Trails & Rails Building:
1898 "German-Baptist Mission church"
District No 1 School House
Loup River Freighters Hotel
Union Pacific depot - Inside
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Home > Trips > So. Central Ne. Photo index, Story & Map > Day1