"Kiosk & J. Doe on Parade"
J. Doe at Westroad


The tabletop "J. Doe on Parade"
was held at Westroads, near the
"Kiosk", December  6th thru 9th.

The "J.doe Project Kiosk"  
sells items your can find at 
the J. Doe On-line Store.

Left: "J. Sand Does" is at head of  the "J. Doe on Parade"
Right: "One Nation Under God" just left of the
"J. Doe Project Kiosk".

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Here is close up of some finished
"Create a doe" kit in the "J. Doe on Parade".

The "J. Doe on Parade" is in font of the Kiosk.
"Spikey Doe" is right of the Kiosk.

Note: All or parts of photos on this page are off color because Kodak 400 film
I used appeared to be balanced for flash, daylight or florescent lights use.

Westroad: J. Doe for NYC, on Parade, with Flag
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