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Classmates' favorite memory from past reunions:  See below
What is the most disliked question classmates heard at reunions? below
Craziest place you have run into a former classmate? See below

Classmates' favorite memory from past reunions:
The jocks wern't as popular anymore, and wern't as successful as some of the nerds.
Seeing the people
Laughing with old friends
Seeing old friends and faces, catching up.
The awards ceremony at the 10 year reunion.
Being surprised that Chris Eddens would even remember who I was!
I really liked how by the 20th reunion everyone seemed genuinely concerned w/ how everyone else was doing, and not concerned about their own accomplishments, contrary to the 10th reunion.
Golf outing
Dance and Dinner at the Carter Lake Ballroom
I haven't been to any. My family moved to Virginia after I graduated and the first time I returned was 25 years later on business.
I was pleasantly surprised at the 20th meeting all of the people I did and having a great time catching up with them. It was more fun than I thought it would be, and I was taken by the fact that many of them seemed very similar to how they used to be in personality, they just looked 20 years older!
Just seeing people I hung out with but haven't seen in a REALLY long time.
Not a "favorite" memory, per se, but I remember that it was hellilshly hot (and steamy) - not a cool ocean breeze in sight!
Seeing old friends

What is the most disliked question classmates heard at reunions?
Are you still with that guy you married?
I cannot think of anything.
How many children do you have?
Is it in yet?
I didn't hear any quesitons that I disliked.
So, remember me
What are you doing now? I interview people for a living, so my first reaction is: ask me something new! What haven't you done yet that you still plan to? Did you think being 40 would feel like this? So far, which age have you enjoyed the most? How are you coping with being the sandwich generation? Isn't it strange to have your 16-year-old son look at you when you start singing along to the song he just downloaded onto his iPod and say, "You know Black Sabbath?" Yes, Zac, I know Black Sabbath. Anytime soon you plan to download a song from your millennium you let me know honey.

Craziest place you have run into a former classmate?
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