"Butterfly=Pollinating Vehicle" has some interesting information on the Monarch Butterfly written on it.

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On Frame between the Wheel on Right side.
Pupa - in Latin means "Doll" Looks like a lantern with gold spots.
Monarch Caterpillar - They'll eat for 2 weeks become 2 inches long and 2,700 times its original weight!
On Frame between the Wheel on Left side.

As they flutter from flower to flower and sip the nectar they spread pollen just like bees. 

On Front wheel toward frame.

(Papilp Ruthus)

On Right Rear Wheel - Top.

The Monarchs will fly where their
ancestors have always gone ....
sometimes to the very same tree.

They migrate from eastern U.S. and Canada to Mexico and California - a distance of 2,000 miles or more. They glide on air currents - rivers of air high in the sky.

These photo were taken by Steve Adams on July 26, 2003

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