Farnam Street "Bench Marks"

Farnam Street has 8 benches between 108th and 11th Street passing
 thru West Omaha, South Center Omaha/72nd street, Mid-Town,
West Downtown, and Old Market Area

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.
South West OmahaSouth Center OmahaMid-TownWest DowntownDowntown & Old Market

Bench_004_A Bench_004_B Bench_15_A Bench_15_B
#4 Jesse Medina
Connie Lehman
Put yourself in Motion to LIVE.
Paul M. & Djel Ann Brown
11th & Farnam, N/W
#15 Eddith Buis
Timothy Schaffert
Thrift shop finds:
go-go boots, denim tux,
a fetching velour beret.
The Three Behrs & George Kleine
28th & Farnam
Bench_018_A Bench_018_B Bench_22_A Bench_22_B Bench_26_A Bench_26_B
#18 Jessica Zimmerer
Matt Mason
I am done fighting streetlights,
my paper wings soar, brush
your blazing heart.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
72nd & Farnam, West
22 DeJuan Cribbs
Bruce Koborg
Turn off the TV. Get out and be
your own star. It’s your movie.
Greater Omaha Chamber
of Commerce

22nd & Farnam, N/E
#26 Barker Art
Rebecca Rotert
The world is more
generous than bleak.
Omaha By Design
24th & Farnam, N/E
Bench_052_A Bench_052_B Bench_061_A Bench_061_B Bench_091_A Bench_091_B
#53 Mike Browne
Jane Pietrantoni
Smoke, Choke, Croak—
any questions?
Union Pacific
42nd Street, North of Farnam
#61 Julie Cornell
Suzanne Arney
Life is a bus,
peopled with dreams.
Stephen Hug
72nd & Farnam, West
#91 Connie Farmer
Amy Scott
Laughter can not be used up.
R, J, S & T Sullivan
108th Ave & Farnam Dr, S/E

Farnam Street "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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