Center Street & Road "Bench Marks"

Center Street & Road has 6 benches between 144th and 56th Street passing
thru South West Omaha, South Center Omaha/72nd street and Mid-Town areas

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.
SouthWest OmahaSouth Center OmahaMid-Town

Bench_056_A Bench_056_B Bench_057_A Bench_057_B Bench_076_A Bench_076_B
#56 Linda Garcia
Jose F. Garcia-Rios
Los ninos, nuestros
tesoros, son el futuro.
Child Saving Institute
56th & Center, South
#57 Joel Holm
Kurt Andersen
Skylarking permitted;
skittle-skattle discouraged.
Steve and Leslie Bogue
58th & Center, South
#76 Jesse Medina
Gene Kwak
We’ve come to see our
children’s dreams outgrow
the looming stalks.
Peter Kiewit Foundation
80th & Center, N/E
Bench_077_A Bench_077_B Bench_078_A Bench_078_B Bench_097_A Bench_097_B
#77 Kari Oppegard
Elizabeth K. Spencer
Did you do good today?
The Mark Oppegard Family
87th & Center, S/W
#78 Carrie Hansen
Heidi Hermanson
Notice beauty every day. Drift in
a boat above a tree-green sea.
élan Contemporary Furnishings
88th & Center, S/E
#97 #Eric Baughman
Elizabeth K. Spencer
Kids learn from playing—
look how smart YOU turned
out! Turn off that TV!
Dr. William and Lynette Singer
144th & Center, S/W - on 144th
# Bench Artist
Phrase Writer
Inspirational Phrase .
Bench Sponsor
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Center Street & Road "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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