Ames Avenue "Bench Marks"

Ames Avenue has 5 benches between 72nd and Florence Blvd Street passing
 thru North Center/Benson, and North Omaha/Florence Areas

More information on and photo of other "bench Marks" are available at the unofficial Omaha Bench Art website.
North Center OmahaNorth Omaha/Florence Area

Bench_042_A Bench_042_B Due to rough neighborhoods of the Near North Side This benches were not photographic.
 Instead, photo of maquettes from the pre-open house Sponsorship Catalog were used.
#42 Beig, Buis & Carpenter
Timothy Schaffert
Follow the trail of a book, and
find yourself magnificently lost.
Friends of the Omaha
Public Library
Fontenelle & Ames, N/E
#43 Wanda Ewing
Judith Slater
Give me your hand.
Tell us our future.
Gary & Mary Day
Ames Ave & Florence Blvd, N/E
Bench_046_A Bench_046_B Bench_045_A Bench_045_B Bench_048_A Bench_048_B
44 Sandra Carpenter
Donovan L. Welch
Humorous people,
like jello, jiggle.
The Huff Family
46th & Ames, S/W
#45 Janna Mattingly
Sarah McKinstry-Brown
Stretch the world like an
accordion to make room
for the song of you.
Joan Baillon & Vern Wood
Fontenelle & Ames, S/W
#46 Mary Day
Jennifer Lambert
The clock is fast/
the hands spin/live now!
Metro. Community College
70th & Ames

Ames Avenue "Bench Marks"

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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