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Standing Bear Lake
Ed Zorinsky Lake
Wehrspann Lake

Mahoney Park #1
Mahoney Park #2

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park #2
Looking West-Southwest

This photo taken by Steve Adams in the mid-afternoon
 of Thursday May 20, 1993

USCS 1999 Satellite Photo
 of "Museum & Mahoney SP" by MSN TerraServer

The Interstate 80 - is just off the left side of this photo.

Strategic Air & Space Museum,
is just above the road intersection on the upper left of the photo.

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park Map
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission park
For location see "Platte River Recreation Page"

Left to Right on the road on photo's bottom half.

Mahoney State Park is one of  many
Platte River Playground Attractions
An on-line feature of  NEBRASKAland Magazine

Photo Above

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